1. Rotary Potentiometer
    2. Rotary PotentiometerRotary potentiometers are widely used in many applications, such as interphone, broadcasting station, car stereos, car conditioner, etc.
    1. Rotary Switch Potentiometers
    2. Rotary Switch PotentiometersRotary switch potentiometers are equipped with a switch that can serve as the tap-off point or virtual wiper position.
    1. Slide Potentiometers
    2. Slide PotentiometersSlide potentiometer can be used as either a variable resistance or a voltage divider that adjusted by sliding the wiper left or right.
    1. Trimmer Potentiometers
    2. Trimmer PotentiometersTrimmer Potentiometers are miniature adjustable electrical components used to provide an exact output current, voltage.
    1. Wirewound Potentiometer
    2. Wirewound PotentiometerThey all have a precise design and long service life of more than 10,000 cycles, enabling them to meet a wide array of application needs.
    1. Rotary Switches
    2. Rotary SwitchesWe also provide rotary switches customized service. We offer many options to meet your special demands including isolated positions, adjustable stops.
    1. Encoders
    2. EncodersEncoders, also known as rotary encoders or shaft encoders, are used to convert the angular position or motion of a shaft to analog or digital output signals.
    1. Custom Electronic Components
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SJ was founded in 2003, has been designing and manufacturing all kinds of high quality potentiometers professionally. We have a professional manufactory which covers more than 7,000㎡. And it is equipped with a variety of automatic production equipment, including air press, pneumatic punch press , glue dispensing machine, riveting machine, assembly machine, etc. We produce custom-made electronic components to meet your requirements with competitive price and timely delivery. Our manufactory obeys ISO9001 quality management system and all products needs quality test strictly before delivering to customers.

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